Viper Syndicate


Viper Syndicate LIVE on Sunday the 9th of June as part of our Original Sundays FREE event for a rare acoustic set.

Viper Syndicate are Ryan Vella on guitar and vocals, he’s been with Viper Syndicate since the beginning, with his lack of boundaries allowing for tones and sounds rarely explored in modern music. Tim Phillips on bass, his approach to playing has been molded through years of playing with a diverse range of musicians, genres from death metal to jazz are infused into his groove. Glen Phelan on drums, is a powder keg of percussive drive, the youthful spirit and countless amount of gigs under his belt keeps the band tight and timely. His long term connection with Tim spanning multiple bands ensures Viper Syndicates engine is always firing on all cylinders. Stacey Laree on vocals, brings a confidence and ability needed to captivate audiences. The stage is boundless where Stacey is concerned as she’s frequently known to explore the whole venue during the show giving every crowd a fresh and new experience every show


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