Covid19 Agreement

Due to the current conditions regarding Covid19, The Seabreeze Hotel must maintain and follow the current restrictions set by the Queensland Government and Health Officials. We are continuing to closely monitor the advice and recommendations from health organizations and act accordingly while keeping you informed.

This Covid19 Agreement states that you as a patron and ticket holder understand and will follow the directions set by our venue.

  • I agree that there is a possibility that I may be seated at a table and/or next to other patrons that are not immediate family and/or friends.
  • I agree that under the current restrictions no dancing is permitted. I understand this and will follow this condition.
  • I agree that where possible I will maintain social distancing.
  • I agree to provide my contact details and for them to be kept for a period of 56 days by The Seabreeze Hotel for contact tracing purposes.
  • I agree that I will follow the direction of all staff and management at the venue.

We thank you for all your support!